Thanks to everyone for making this a successful donation! We couldn't have done it without you!


Goal: $4500

Raised: $4750


Digital package!

Digital Copy of the film, Full HD Quality

Your name will be added to the credits


By donating to our film, your name will be added in the credits, and you'll get one or more of the following:


DVD package!

Digital Copy + DVD Copy of the film

(DVD Quality)


Blu-ray package!

Digital Copy + Blu-ray Copy + Poster of the film

(Blu-ray is Full HD Quality)

$200 or more

4K Ultra HD package!

Digital Copy + Blu-ray Copy + Poster + 4K Digital Copy

(Ultra HD Quality)

Digital Copy delivery June 2014

Blu-ray + poster delivery June 2014

4K Digital Copy delivery Late Summer 2014

We need your help to make this short film a reality! The donation will go towards general liability insurance, daily costs, locations, renting specialty equipment, a custom painting, and more!

This short will be filmed at 5K resolution, and available at 4K, Full HD, and DVD Quality.
4K = 4 times the resolution of Full HD